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23 January 2015 @ 08:33 am
(One Shot) See, The World Shines Beautifully Today  
Title : See, The World Shines Beautifully Today
Author : arindika
Pairing : Takaki x Inoo
Genre : Fluff, Comedy
Rating : G
Disclaimer : None
Summary : After the rain accident, Inoo found himself in a situation when he faced the consequence of his action before.
NB : This is the sequel of my other fic Sunny Day. I just love Inoo's grumpy self so I decided to write this, hopefully you will like it ^_^

comments are always welcome!!!

Well in the end, Inoo was almost regretting his decision on letting Takaki dragged him away under those heavy rain. They were safely getting into Takaki's place, all wet and cold. But nothing bad happened, thanks God. But Inoo couldn't wait to get out from those wet clothes and get into warm water. He was shivering from head to toes for Goddess' sake.

He stepped under the warn water and moaned in gratification when those warm water washed away the coldness from his body.

After getting dressed, Takaki's clothes. He found the other boy in the kitchen, making something for both of them.

He smiled when he spotted Inoo leaning on the counter whit towel laying on his shoulder. “nice bath, ha?”
“yeah, thanks for the clothes by the way.”
“actually, that's your remember? You left it when you slept over at my place last week.”
well that explained why it's so damn fit his body. Takaki's clothes was a little bit lose on him usually. With him being taller and all.
“great, then I'll just take it home.”
he heard Takaki chuckled before handed him a steamed-brown liquid that looked a lot like a chocolate.
“here, finish it then you can go to bed. It's pretty late anyway.”
Inoo was murmuring simple thanks before Takaki disappeared from his sight. Probably went for shower.

Inoo was seated himself comfortably on the couch when Takaki asked him, “what are you doing there?”
“ready for bed?”
“don't be stupid Inoo chan, after what you've done to me earlier and now you want to sleep on the couch?” Takaki was raising one of his eyebrow and Inoo blushed red like tomato after heard that.
Inoo tried to make some excuses but Takaki just mentioned something with his hand, an order for Inoo to just shut up and got in Takaki bed room instantly.

Inoo gulped and his body moved on its own. The next thing he knew Takaki had pulled him inside, closed the door and made him sit properly on his bed.

Takaki just looked at him hesitantly. Like he was unsure on what he should do to Inoo, but then he closed their distance and leaned to kiss Inoo right on his mouth. Inoo closed his eyes and enjoyed how Takaki kissed him gently, nothing like he had done previously, all rough and hard.

Inoo decided he liked to be kissed like that, it made him felt love and special. Takaki's lips were still soft against his, and he still kissed him softly and lightly. Takaki had one hand grasped Inoo hair and the other held his chin up for better position. Inoo's hand were placed secured on Takaki back and waist. Holding him close, afraid that he would let go and regretted his action.

But Takaki was not letting go, instead he moved even closer to Inoo and kissed him deeply and lovingly.

It was nice but Inoo grew impatient at how slow and lazy Takaki's kisses were. Sure it was sweet and all but he needed more than than. So he grabbed Takaki's hand that still hanged on his face and flipped their position. Takkai yelped when suddenly he threw forward and ended liying on his back.

His eyes were wide open when he stared back at Inoo above him. Inoo was sure he had scared him a little bit but he didn't care. His lower part was begging for the attention and he would got laid tonight. It's Takaki's fault anyway. If he didn't seduce Inoo with his stupid kisses he would be sleeping so peacefully on that damn couch until the next morning.

So he kissed Takaki once more, gently at first but then he bit Takaki's lips so he would let Inoo in. Then he began savored Takaki's mouth like a hunger animal who didn't got meat for a long time. He bit, he nipped, he licked and Inoo couldn't think anything beside how good Takaki's mouth against him.

Inoo pushed even harder into Takaki when the later moaned, the most melodious sound Inoo'd ever had. He was practically on top the other boy and pressed him down. But it's not enough, he needed to feel more, to touch more. His hands were roaming the boy under him. He touched every inch of his body, to feel that Takaki was actually here. And Takaki touched him back. His hands were clenched Inoo's back tightly.

They were moving together, touching with the same amount of passion and united on those wonderful moment that Inoo swore he would never forget. That night also Inoo discovered that Takaki's never innocent to begin with, well at least not in bed with Inoo and doing his new favorite activity.

The sound of bird's chirping woke Inoo up. He glanced over the window and saw the sunlight was breaking through the space on that window and creating the most beautiful radiance color he'd ever seen.

Well, it looked like the sun would dominating the day instead of rain like yesterday. Inoo was staring at that light when Takaki who slept on his arm was awoken. “good morning gorgeous.” Inoo greeted him and pecked him on his lips. Making the crimson red appeared on his checks.

“good morning to you too.” Takaki said while snuggling closer at Inoo's body heat. God, he loved it here, he could get used at waking up on Inoo's embrace.
“how's your feeling, Yuya?”
“I feel like a good and warm bath would be nice for now.”
“sure, just let me prepare it for you.”
Inoo was about to get up when Takaki's hand held him tight.
“not now, Inoo chan. Let me enjoy this for a while okay.” he managed to say before closed his eyes once more. Inoo just chuckled at his ridiculous action but he snuggled closer to him as well.
“ne ne Yuya, what are we now?” he asked in low tone as he caressed Takaki's hair.
“hmm, what do you want to call it Inoo chan?” Takaki was looking at him with those beautiful and sparkling eyes that never failed to amuse Inoo.
“I don't want to get my hope high you know. I liked you for a long time but you never showed me any hints that you like me back, and suddenly last night you let me did that to you.”
“Inoo chan you're thinking to much, you should listen to Yabu more when he said I would never say no to you, you know. All you have to do is asking and I will gladly answering.”

Inoo was laughing at his own stupidly. He should known better that Takaki felt the same way as he did, he was just to afraid of rejection when he did ask Takaki out.
“so what are we going to do now Yuya?”
“hmm, I am saying from now on you must be walk with me before and after classes, have lunch with me, no scratch that, cook for me, sleep over at my place at least three time a week, and oh yeah the most important thing, hold me and kiss me every time I ask you to. Deal?”

Inoo was looking at him dumbfounder. “what?”
“what? Is that what a lover should do? You should do that for me Inoo chan.” Takaki was grinning at him and Inoo could just shake his head at how ridiculous and adorable his boyfriend was.

Inoo leaned down to kiss him full on his lips. As a promise that he would never let him go. That he would always protect what they have. Takaki gladly received his promise when he kissed him back sweetly and lovingly.

Well, maybe getting soaked under the rain wasn't bad decision ever, if he could get an armful of Takaki and together they watched a beautiful sunrise that never failed to brighter Inoo day.

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tasuku_kyotatasuku_kyota on January 23rd, 2015 03:20 am (UTC)
I am out of breathe /faint/
I need their sexy time /slapped/

Ahahaha pardon my perv mind
I love this, of course!! They're so cute together!!
And they lucky to have each other <3
arindikaarindika on January 23rd, 2015 05:45 am (UTC)
I'm just too embarrassed to write smut tachan >_<
that's too much for my brain to handle!!!!!!!

maybe in the future I will write it without feeling like such a pervert :D

I love them too when they're together (^_^)
thank you so much for commenting :)
tasuku_kyotatasuku_kyota on January 23rd, 2015 09:39 am (UTC)
Same here!!! I loooovveee to read takaino NC so much but I can't write that!!! Seriously
I feel like weird and strange and -- just can't lol
We're on the same boat then

It's okayy
Please keep writing takaino/takabu in the future arin!! >.<
You know there aren't much of these pairing writers out there

Ah btw how's your stomachache?
arindikaarindika on January 24th, 2015 04:38 am (UTC)
we're totally the same lol I love Takabu/takaino NC but to embarrassed to write one ROFT

my stomach is fine now thanks :)
アミちゃん: Keiharuyama5993 on January 24th, 2015 07:34 am (UTC)
Thanks for this TakaIno fic! ♥♥♥
It's lovely :))
I just have one question, did Inoo top Yuya?
arindikaarindika on January 24th, 2015 10:14 am (UTC)
your welcome :)
I'm glad minna loves my story, thanks for reading as well ^_^

hmm, it's really up to your imagination hehe
(but if it helps, yeah Inoo topped Takaki ROTF)
singchronight0singchronight0 on January 24th, 2015 09:04 am (UTC)
Nice smut!
Seme Inoo x Yuya was adorable x)
arindikaarindika on January 24th, 2015 10:16 am (UTC)
it's barely called smut >_<
I can't even move my hand to write it (///^_^///)

but thanks for reading and commenting (^_^)